Experts are increasingly speaking of a renewed impending economic crisis. This crisis will hit the European economy – which has just largely recovered from the previous crisis – particularly hard. This is particularly true for SMEs, often referred to as the backbone of the European economy. Various studies assume that, depending on the country, between 7% and 25% of small and medium-sized enterprises are already in advanced stages of crisis, without having often realised this. The more advanced the stage of the crisis, the more complex and unlikely a successful restructuring becomes.

In response to this, we have developed specific learning resources which will enable SMEs to develop suitable countermeasures. In order to achieve the most sustainable impact possible and to ensure the widest possible use, we have involved HEI and VET organisations, trainers, management consultants and support structures (incubators, chambers e.g.) in the creation of these teaching resources.

Objective of the Training Resources

The objective of the SECURE OERs is to enable trainers, business advisers, lecturers, enterprise educators to access a new teaching model which they can use to introduce the topic of early-stage intervention for business failure/crisis into their course provision in the short term.

Overall learning objectives

The “open” nature and flexibility of our resources (they can be used mix + match style) increase the accessibility of the content. The resources are aimed directly at entrepreneurship training providers, they could also be used by private consultants or as part of business courses in colleges and universities.  They are designed for use in classroom learning sessions or for small group or one-on-one coaching, but as open resources, their final use depends on the creativity of the trainers themselves.



SECure Modules