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The SECure project aims to assist SMEs facing a business crisis to precisely determine the crisis status, identify causes and initiate appropriate countermeasures. At the same time, existing and future entrepreneurs will benefit by being able to implement early crisis detection mechanisms to prevent future company crises.

To empower you to achieve this aim, we have developed a range of resources, tools, learning materials and online collaborations.

For example, you can learn about current research on crises in SMEs, early warning indicators for SMEs, and implementing early warning systems in SMEs. Take a crisis analysis assessment for your own business to identify crisis signals and risk factors for your own business. Take our “bite sized” online course. Join specialist social media groups , learn from experts in our virtual talks and collaborate with others.

If you are a Business Advisor or Trainer, please download out VET classroom course and Teacher guide.

All of our resources below are free and available in multiple languages. There is no “set” order to use the resources, but we recommend you to join our knowledge exchange first so that we can better support you and then our crisis-assessment tool will provide guidance on which online course resources will best suit your needs.

Crisis Analysis Assessment

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SECure Curriculum and VET Training Package