Our Framework is a comprehensive document comprising three interconnected elements:

A summary of current research on crises in SMEs, early warning indicators for SMEs, and implementing early warning systems in SMEs

A Competence Framework, which will categorise and describe the necessary competencies, knowledge, and skills that our target groups need to recognise and analyse crises at an early stage and implement suitable countermeasures.

An Indicator Framework that catalogues and describes qualitative indicators for the analysis of the 6 crisis stages.

Who is it for?

Our SECURE Framework is an open resource for educators, including VET organisations, trainers, management consultants and business mentors who work with SME managers and support structures for SMEs such as chambers of commerce and incubators.

How will you benefit?

Our SECURE Learning Framework is designed to be flexible and responsive to the learning needs of a diverse group of owner managers and SMEs managers. Through its use, SME owners/managers and future entrepreneurs will gain an in-depth understanding of the importance of early detection mechanisms and indicators and thus be better able to take appropriate countermeasures.