After a long time in which we, as SECure consortium, could only meet online, the time had finally come: From 27 – 28 April, our first in-person transnational partner meeting took place in Händel-city Halle! Due to the ongoing COVID-9 situation, not all partners could be present, so we held the meeting in hybrid form.

The aim of the partners from Ireland, Spain, Greece, Denmark, and Germany, who have been working on the Erasmus+ funded project since 2020, is to train small and medium-sized enterprises in the early detection of business crises and to teach them methods to take appropriate countermeasures at an early stage. The approach addresses vocational training institutions and business owners/managers.

We used the time intensively:

At our meeting, we jointly adopted our first output: An international early warning system framework with valuable information and exciting insights into our research, which will soon be available for download in several languages on the SECure website.

We also refined the training package, including training resources and curriculum, which is being developed by Momentum and will include inspiring case studies.

The meeting host, thevisionworks, presented the beta version of the Crisis Analysis and Solution Toolkit, an interactive web application for SME owners and managers that highlights potential crisis factors in their business and provides targeted feedback.

Both the training course and the toolkit will be freely available on our knowledge platform soon. Regardless, the open knowledge platform will offer even more: There will be the opportunity to network and learn together; in addition, exciting articles and instructive workshops will stimulate the exchange of experiences.

It was a successful meeting, which besides effective and productive cooperation also enabled the exchange for follow-up projects – we are looking forward to everything that pursues and thank the whole consortium for the great transnational partner meeting!