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The Power of Project Management

What is a project? A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or specific result. The temporary nature of projects means that they have specific start and finish dates. A project has clear goals and objectives which are agreed upon by the stakeholders but it also has constraints such as

Stakeholder management

The term "stakeholder" is used to describe any person or organization that has a vested interest in your organization. There are many stakeholders for an organization including employees, customers, suppliers, investors, etc. Organizations must manage these stakeholders in order to achieve their goals. Stakeholder management is the process of maintaining good relationships with the stakeholders

Purchasing guidelines

Purchasing guidelines are used to create binding rules for the procurement of all goods in a company. These rules reduce inefficiencies in purchasing and improve the company's results. For example, clear roles and responsibilities can be defined, supplier selection can be standardised and processes can be made transparent, documented and improved. Furthermore, purchasing guidelines contribute

Professional networks

The basic idea behind the topic of network building and maintenance is that it is often easier to achieve benefits or goals together with other people, companies or institutions than alone. For example, if you join forces with other companies to form a purchasing cooperation, you will benefit from better prices and conditions. Those who

Price enforcement

Even discounts that are slightly higher than the calculated discounts lead to significant drops in profit. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to fight to maintain prices or at least to grant the lowest possible discounts. 1. the risks of price discounts There are many reasons for discounts: competition is increasing, customers are better informed about

How to hold constructive meetings

The complexity of tasks and projects is constantly increasing, and several people are often involved in their implementation. Meetings are unavoidable in order to find solutions together and to exchange ideas. However, if some rules are not followed during meetings, they can easily be counterproductive and turn out to be "time eaters". To avoid such

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