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Customer value

recognise and benefit from "good" customers A high number of customers is an important prerequisite for success for almost every company. But a customer who makes high sales is not automatically a "good" customer. These are characterised by numerous other criteria, e.g. in that they generate high contribution margins (CM) meeting granted payment targets and

Complaint Management

The customer is king and the future orientation of the company to the wishes and needs of the customers is still considered a guarantee for a successful company today. But unfortunately, theory and practice are usually miles apart. This article shows you how you can easily implement a complaint management system and sensitize your employees

Agile project management

“Agile project management” is an approach to managing projects that seeks out an interactive process that allows changes and improvements as required. This approach can be used in companies of any size and is used to reduce risk while ensuring flexibility in a changing environment. Agile project management encompasses several key principles that help guide

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